Bulgarian authorities are rejecting birth certificates of children of same sex couple's

European Union valid birth certificates of children from a same sex couple are being rejected by Bulgarian authorities.

On Sunday 10th February there is a court case before the European Court of Justice, known as the Baby Sara court case

The couple were married in the United Kingdom, had a child, and then requested a birth certificate from the Sofia Municipality. Under EU rules, baby Sara is a Bulgarian citizen.

The Sofia Municipality instructed that the applicant has 7 days to provide evidence of the child's origins, regarding the birth mother.

The application of the birth certificate was then denied by the Sofia Municipality, on the grounds that there was not enough information regarding the origins of the child. However, "it is impermissible to register female parents, as same-sex marriages are not allowed in Bulgaria and such registration would contradict public order".

It is important that same sex parents are recognized throughout the European Union.

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