WATCH HERE: 'Here I come' - Russia's Queer online TV series

'Here I come' is a ground breaking Queer Russian TV series that is completely free and easily accessible via YouTube. Watch the series below, and at the end of this article.

Directed by Andrei Fenochka in Moscow, 'Here I come' is a much needed breath of fresh air for Russia's persecuted community.

Created in 2020, and launched online in fall of the same year, this love story shows the journey of Roma in coming to terms with his sexuality.

Roma is studying to be a lawyer, but doesn’t want to be one. He tells his parents that he is in college, but he works in a pizzeria. He tells friends that he likes Natasha, but he does not. But once he meets Lesha, everything in life takes on meaning: study, friendship, relations with relatives and friends. Everything in life becomes important with the arrival of love

Uniquely, the main protagonist is Armenian- adding another layer of complexity and persecution- to an already discriminated against character.

In 2013, Russia enforced the "Gay Propaganda" laws which meant that Queer art often fell into the category described as "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relation amongst minors". Because of this barbaric law, 'Here I come' and other similar shows are confined to small circles, mainly online.

Thankfully, YouTube and other media platforms give directors the opportunity to showcase their work and message to a wider audience, and for this reason, Andrei Fenochka's decision to publish the show for free on YouTube is both genius and brave.

Each episode boasts hundreds of thousands of viewers, some of which are from Russia, but also internationally. This is all thanks to the high quality English subtitles.

"There are short films that travel across festivals and are unavailable to the general public. I'm interested in making movies that everyone can watch."

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Episode 9

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